Total Herbivore

Healthy Living…
Every Day,
in Every Way

That’s the goal! From daily enrichment and balanced nutrition to physical exercise and loads of love, we focus on every aspect of small pet care to help you create a full, healthy and joyful life for the small pet you love. Below are our four foundations for small pet health and happiness.
  1. Choose the Best Hay
  2. Feed Complete Nutrition in Every Bite
  3. Enrich Your Small Pet’s World
  4. Focus on Foraging Done Right
  1. Choose the Best Hay
  2. Feed Complete Nutrition in Every Bite
  3. Enrich Your Small Pet’s World
  4. Focus on Foraging Done Right

Choose the
Best Hay

Whether it’s western timothy, oat hay, or orchard grass, it’s important that fresh, high quality grass hay makes up 75% of every small herbivore’s diet. That means the hay you choose is very important to the total wellbeing of your small pet.

For decades, we’ve worked hand in hand with our family of farmers to grow fresh, soft and fragrant hay varieties that meet the specific nutritional needs and taste and texture preferences of even the pickiest of small pets.

To ensure your small pet gets the fresh and fragrant hay they deserve, we follow our three-step quality process:

We go the extra acre!

In the field, our hay experts evaluate key quality attributes essential to the production of premium hay.

We exceed the standards!

At our facility, our product quality team samples, grades, and nutritionally tests our hay to make sure it’s up to the challenge of nourishing your pets.

We are hands on!

During our proprietary sorting process, both mechanical and hand sorting steps ensure only the highest quality products are packaged under our name.

Feed Complete
Nutrition in Every

We all want our small pets to have variety and excitement in their lives. But there’s no place for muesli mixes and selective feeding when it comes to daily, balanced nutrition for small pets. Commonly available foraging blends promote unhealthy, albeit instinctual, eating behaviors that can lead to dental and digestive disease. Because, honestly, what pet wouldn’t pick out the most tempting bits, even if it wasn’t ideal for their health?

Optimal wellness comes from balanced meals chock full of essential vitamins and minerals in every bite that will keep their bodies healthy and strong. Oxbow’s foods are made with purposeful, premium ingredients and are 100% uniform to ensure complete nutrition in every bite.

Enrich Your
Small Pet’s

Enrichment products and activities have the power to turn small pets’ habitats into exciting and intriguing worlds by supporting their natural instincts to explore, play, chew, and hide every day.

In the wild, small animals are instinctively motivated to interact with their surroundings in unique ways every day. When we move pets from the wild to the comforts of home, their instincts for this environmental interaction remain. By meeting these needs, you are supporting your small pet in two important ways:

  • Providing daily support for instinctual behaviors is not only fun for your pet, but very important for their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Directing instinctual behaviors in positive ways can help prevent nervous, destructive, and boredom-based behaviors.

Focus on Foraging
Done Right

When an animal has to search his environment for food it’s called foraging and this behavior is a primary instinct for many small pets. Oxbow aims to help pet parents support their small pets’ foraging instincts in meaningful ways that provide a variety of tastes and textures, and enhance the health and happiness of their pet. And there are many ways to create foraging opportunities for your pet that are healthy and fun.

Interestingly, the use of muesli and foraging food mixes are not the best option because they increase the opportunity for unhealthy selective eating behaviors. Instead, it’s best to use different varieties of hay to dig through, treats and snacks to hide throughout their habitat and fun enrichment products that help them explore and engage with their environment.