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At Oxbow, we take your little loved one’s food as seriously as you do. That’s because we understand the importance of providing the right daily balance of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. All Oxbow foods are formulated with the guidance of leading veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure each recipe includes everything your pet needs, and nothing it doesn’t. Shop our variety of species and lifestage-specific foods to find the right fit for your pet. Ready to learn more about small animal nutrition? Be sure to check out our collection of expert articles and care tips below!

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For more than 30 years, Oxbow’s complete and uniform small animal foods have been the gold standard in daily nutrition. Trusted by leading small animal veterinarians and dedicated pet parents alike to deliver complete nutrition in every bite, Oxbow foods are specially formulated to prevent unhealthy selective feeding behaviors commonly found with muesli mixes and foraging blends. All Oxbow foods are formulated with the guidance of leading exotics veterinarians and nutritionists and crafted to be species and life stage specific in order to meet the particular needs of each pet.

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