Total Ferret

Healthy Living…
Every Day,
in Every Way

That’s the goal!
From daily enrichment and balanced nutrition to physical exercise and loads of love, we focus on every aspect of small pet care to help you create a full, healthy and joyful life for the small pet you love. Below are our four foundations for small pet health and happiness.

  1. Offer the Right Nutrition
  2. Include Supplemental Proteins and Appropriate Treats
  3. Enrich Your Ferret’s World
  1. Offer the Right Nutrition
  2. Include Supplemental Proteins and Appropriate Treats
  3. Enrich Your Ferret’s World

Offer the
Right Nutrition

Your ferret isn’t just a ferret…she’s your love. That’s why the food you choose for her should be more than just food. It should be a premium, protein-rich meal that offers the ideal nutritional foundation every jill (and hob) deserves.

Oxbow Essentials Ferret is formulated with the guidance of leading ferret veterinarians and nutrition experts to deliver the right animal-based proteins and fats ferrets are designed to ingest. By leaving out ingredients like corn, peas, and potatoes, we limit unhealthy starches and make room for more important nutrients like Omega fatty acids for heart and skin and coat health and vitamins and minerals to support immune system and whole-body health.

Supplemental Proteins
and Appropriate Treats

A quality food formulated specially for ferrets should make up about 80% of his overall diet. Supplemental proteins and appropriate treats, meanwhile, can make up the other 20% of a ferret’s diet to provide training or bonding opportunities, variety, and quality sources of extra protein and fat.

Enrich your
Ferret’s World

Enrichment products and activities have the power to turn ferrets’ habitats into exciting and intriguing worlds by supporting their natural instincts to explore, play, and hide every day.  In the wild, ferrets are instinctively motivated to interact with their surroundings in unique ways every day. When we move pets from the wild to the comforts of home, their instincts for this environmental interaction remain. By meeting these needs, you are supporting your ferret in two important ways:

  • Providing daily support for instinctual behaviors is not only fun for your ferret, but very important for their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Directing instinctual behaviors in positive ways can help prevent nervous, destructive, and boredom-based behaviors.