Our rescue grants are limited to projects benefiting animals which utilize Oxbow’s product line. Qualifying species include: rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, degus, sugar gliders, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, reptiles, tortoises, and others. Please note that we are unable to provide funding for spay/neuter surgeries, or any dog-specific or cat-specific projects.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide funding to dog-specific or cat-specific projects or organizations.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide funding to equine-specific projects or organizations.

The total annual funding for the Oxbow Rescue Grants is approximately $25,000. This amount will be advocated to, on average, 6-10 organizations. Grant amounts will vary, and we reserve the right to allocate a percentage of requested amounts. With this in mind, your funding request amount should be directly correlated to your specific project or annual operating needs.

Your references should come from relevant individuals who can speak from an informed perspective regarding your organization’s practices, programs, and needs. In many cases, these references will come from veterinarians who assist your organization in providing animal care, or others with knowledge and experience regarding animal care and the workings of your organization.

Your references should come from individuals with no direct affiliation to your organization. Please refrain from using these individuals as references.

Organizations are eligible to receive grant funding in two out of every three calendar years. If you receive grant funding two years in a row, you are not eligible the following year.

No, we do not require 501C3 status for grant program eligibility.

They can! However, the project and impact must be specific to the species that qualify for Oxbow’s Rescue Grants.

The updated application will be first communicated via our Rescue Newsletter, or you can visit the KINDSWELL for Rescues page to access the application starting in mid-May.

To provide a general timeline of events, applications are not opened and reviewed until the closure of the grant application window. Our dedicated committee will process applications with a multi-tiered approach to determine the awardees and provide notification to all applicants of their status in October. Awardees will be contacted directly to provide award information and begin the process for your organization to utilize the award.