The tiniest lives deserve the highest level of care

That’s why our team is made up of small animal experts with decades of professional experience regarding every aspect of what it takes to keep small animals healthy and happy.  From nutrition and behavior to husbandry and care, our in-house experts know small animals from head to paw and love sharing that knowledge with pet parents like you! 

In House Veterinary Expertise

Dr. Micah Kohles is Oxbow’s Vice President of Technical Services & Research.  When he’s not leading Oxbow’s team of nutrition and research experts, Dr. K can be found providing expert care for small animals at his veterinary practice, presenting at key veterinary conferences and symposiums, contributing to the latest in small animal research, or providing answers to pet questions large and small during his monthly live Ask-A-Vet events online. 

Expert Customer Care

There’s customer service, and then there’s expert customer care.  Our Customer Care team is made up of expert vet techs with a combined 45+ years of clinical experience caring for small animals.  Our team combines this passionate expertise with exceptional support to help you be the best pet parent you can be for your little loved ones.  When you reach out with a question regarding your pet’s favorite Oxbow product, you can take comfort in knowing there’s an expert on the other end of the line!

Nutrition Research & Development

Expert nutrition starts with expert knowledge.  Every Oxbow product you purchase for your littlest pet is rooted in countless hours of research, development, and nutritional analysis.  Day in and day out, Oxbow’s resident nutrition experts apply their knowledge and training to research, formulation, regulatory compliance, and technical support.

Forage Research & Sourcing

Hay is just hay, unless it’s grown the Oxbow way. Ensuring that your pet’s hay consistently delivers the essential nutrition they need while still meeting their specific taste and texture preferences takes a team of experts. Our team’s work doesn’t end with working hand-in-hand with our family of farmers to select only the best hay for your small pets. Throughout the year, our team works around the clock to design and execute forage research projects, educate Oxbow hay growers, and support key quality processes – all to elevate the quality of our hay to benefit the health and wellbeing of small animals all over the globe.

Oxbow Veterinary Advisory Board

The advancement of knowledge is a key tenet of the veterinarian’s oath. The Oxbow Veterinary Advisory Board reflects our commitment to partnering with experts to ensure all of our most important decisions align with the goals of advancing animal health, welfare, and knowledge. Our Veterinary Advisory Board includes a number of the world’s foremost experts in the fields of small animal medicine, care, nutrition, and husbandry.