Top 10 Toys and Accessories for Rabbits

Written by Oxbow

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May 10, 2021🞄

Rabbits thrive on enrichment and need time to meet their most basic behavioral needs. Providing fun and safe opportunities for enrichment will help prevent boredom-based behaviors that can be not only damaging but costly as well. Key behaviors that rabbits are wired to instinctively take part in every day include:

  • Exploring – Not only does exploring offer mental stimulation, but it also promotes physical activity that can prevent obesity.
  • Playing  – Rabbits are not only intelligent animals but they’re very social as well. Playing with them can create a strong human/animal bond.
  • Chewing – Rabbits have open-rooted teeth, meaning that they continuously grow throughout their lifetime. By directing their attention to items that are meant to be gnawed on, you’re not only helping them maintain their dental health but you’re also diverting their attention away from less than ideal chewing fodder (like that 7th generation wooden rocker in your living room).
  • Hiding – House bunnies may be domesticated, but they still have their prey instincts! Providing hiding places for your little one throughout their habitat – and your home – is essential to help keep your pet feel safe and to reduce stress.

Check out our top 10 toys and accessories to help meet your bunny’s enrichment needs below!

1. Play Wall – Large

Great For: Exploring, Playing, and Chewing

Bunnies love to chew things. Baseboards, table legs, you name it. The Play Wall is the perfect way to focus your little one’s attention on chewing something safe, healthy, and won’t cost you a dime to repair! Bonus: The danglies are replaceable!

2. Crazy Hay Ball

Great For: Playing and Chewing

Whether they toss it, roll it around, or chew on it, your rabbit is going to have a hay-day (pun intended) with this great chew!

3. Play Table

Great For: Exploring, Playing, Chewing

If you haven’t introduced your bunny to the colorful world of danglies yet, now is the time! The Play Table not only promotes dental wear but is also customizable so you can feature your fur baby’s dangly of choice. PS. The dyes used are 100% natural and safe so your munchkin can chew away to their heart’s content!

4. Hide ‘n Seek Mat – Large

Great For: Exploring and Chewing

It would be annoying if we had to search for our food every time that we wanted to have a nibble, but trust us when we say that rabbits love the challenge! The Hide ‘N Seek Mat is the perfect place to hide food and treats, encouraging your bunny to do a little digging and exploring. It’s also made with 100% Timothy hay and doesn’t feature any wire, strings, or threads.

Pet Tip

Speaking of Hide and Seek, did you know that there are other games that small pets can play with their owners? Check out our “Games with Pets” here.

5. Wobble Teaser

Great For: Exploring and Playing

What exactly is a Wobble Teaser? Picture a Weeble crossed with a food dish. Fun, right? That’s exactly what your long-eared companion is going to be thinking during mealtime. It features a clear design to entire your pet to interact and includes an adjustable opening to control flow.

Pet Tip

We know that we keep mentioning that it’s fun for pets to play with their food, and we mean it! It’s a terrific source of physical and nutritional enrichment for them and a great source of entertainment for their pet parents. Learn more about other fun ways to encourage your pet to play with their food here.

6. Hanging Mulberry Chew

Great For: Playing and Chewing

Mulberries aren’t just for cute nursery rhymes. Our Mulberry Chew is one of many hanging chew options and is ideal for attaching to the habitat or X-pen.  Doing so encourages your pet to explore their space vertically – a great way to encourage both mental and physical enrichment each day.

7. Hay Corral

Great For: Exploring and Chewing

Contain your bun’s hay in a fun way with the Enriched Life Hay Corral. If your aesthetic is a little more boho/garden/Western, talk about a great option! Even if it isn’t, you can round up this cute corral and put it in your pet’s favorite hay nomming spot. Giddy up, partner!

Pet Tip

Looking to mix it up with a hanging hay feeder? Our Apple Stick Hay Feeder is an easy solution!

8. Celebration Cake

Great For: Chewing, Playing

Talk about combining the best life has to offer.  Cake?  Amazing.  Celebrations?  Awesome.  Sure, our Celebration Cake is almost too cute to shred to bits, but we’re yet to meet a rabbit with that level of self-control.  That why it’s made with a variety of natural, enriching papers custom made to gnaw until there’s nothing left but confetti.  Pair with a Celebration Pom Pom and Crunchy Carrot for a proper bunny party!

9. Hideaway Dream Castle

Great For: Hiding

Your rabbit is royalty. They know it, you know it, we all know it. So they must have a castle (or 2, or 3, or 57). It comes complete with built-in hay feeders, allowing your little loved one to munch on their favorite forage in the comfort of their very own castle. You can even go one step further, buy a few, and create a proper fortress. What regal rabbit wouldn’t love that?

10. Play Garden

Great For: Exploring and Playing

Bring the outdoors inside with your rabbit’s very own Play Garden! Enriching, removable pieces are perfect for tossing or spinning on their pegs. Not only is it cute and colorful, but you’ll be adding hours of playtime and enrichment to your little one’s day!

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