Top 10 Toys and Accessories for Hamsters

Written by Oxbow

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December 15, 2021🞄

Hamsters are not only adorable but tend to be very active as well. Since they’re nocturnal, you may miss seeing a good deal of their activity unless you are a night owl as well. But rest assured that they crave interaction and love playing with new items in their space! Hamsters also have a variety of instinctual behavioral needs that need to be met regularly to keep them mentally and physically healthy. These behaviors include:

  • Exploring – Satisfy your little one’s need to discover by providing ample opportunities to poke in and around toys to forage for treats and food.
  • Playing –   Just like people, pets just need to have fun! Not only does it offer mental stimulation, but providing accessories that promote play helps you build a bond with your little one.
  • Chewing – If chewing was a sport, hamsters would be Olympic gold medalists. Those cheek pouches are there for a reason, and anyone who has ever owned a hamster knows that they love to gnaw and hide pieces away at their leisure when they’re not busy chowing down on their pellets.
  • Hiding – Supporting your small pet’s prey instincts by strategically placing hiding accessories is a great way to make your hamster feel safe and protected.

Supporting these behaviors is easier than you think. Here are our top 10 toys and enrichment accessories for hamsters!

1. Attachable Quiet Wheel

Great For: Playing 

You can’t think about hamsters without thinking about hamster wheels – and for good reason! Wheels are great for your hamster’s physical health! Not all wheels are made the same, however. We recommend using a wheel that doesn’t contain spokes to avoid gaps where your little one’s legs may get stuck and injured. It’s also worth checking out this quiet wheel because it’s, well, quiet. There’s nothing quite as grating as that constant squeak in the middle of the night when your dwarf hamster is doing their nocturnal workout routine.

2. Nesting Disk 

Great For: Hiding 

Hammies are big fans of burrowing.  These 100% paper pet-safe disks are perfect for digging in, hiding in, and you guessed it – nesting!

3. Corner Fleece Hideout 

Great For: Hiding 

Ah, rest and relaxation. Everybody needs it, including our pets! This soft, machine-washable fleece hideout will keep your furry friend safe, warm, and happy when they need to take a little break from the outside world.

4. Celebration Cake 

Great For: Chewing 

Every day can be a special day for your hamster with the Celebration Cake! Colorful and fun to nibble on, this chew is a great way to let your hammy gnaw to their heart’s content.

5. Hanging Mulberry Chew 

Great For: Playing and Chewing 

Keeping everything eye-level can be a little boring for small animals. By hanging a tasty Mulberry Chew from the top of their habitat, your hammy will have to reach a little bit to play and chew – talk about a fun workout with a yummy reward at the end!

6. Apple Stick Bouquet

Great For: Playing and Chewing 

This gorgeous chew is made with marigold, rose, and cornflower petals. Talk about a decadent yet delicious treat!

7. The Treat House

Great For: Playing, Hiding, and Chewing 

Keep your hamster busy as they search for their favorite nom in the Treat House! This darling accessory attaches to your little one’s habitat for easy access and hours of entertainment.

8. Garden Forage Puzzle 

Great For: Exploring and Playing 

Supporting your hamster’s need to explore and play is easy with the Garden Forage Puzzle! Fill these 9 spacious cutouts with nesting materials, treats, food, small enrichment items, and more for your little one to forage for.

9. Colorful Woven Dangly 

Great For: Chewing and Playing 

Looking to inject a little liveliness into your hamster’s space? This woven dangly not only brightens up a habitat with its colorful pet-safe dyes, but it also easily attaches to the side of your hammy’s habitat so that it can be used as a hanging dangly or a loose chew.

10. Hide ‘n Wobble 

Great For: Exploring, Playing, and Chewing 

Looking for another fun way to try and hide treats, food, and other fun objects for your hamster? The Hide ‘n Wobble is a great option.

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