All About Exploring

Written by Oxbow

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July 25, 2019🞄

One of the great joys of small pet parenting is watching your pet excitedly explore their surroundings each day. Like all great explorers before them, your pet has an instinctual desire for an environment filled with interesting challenges and opportunities for enrichment. Read on to learn more about how to create an environment with fun, enriching opportunities that support your pet’s instinct to explore.

Provide a variety of safe, natural toys and structures

Meeting your pet’s instinctual exploration behaviors starts with providing a variety of fun challenges in the form of natural toys, play centers, and structures. Place these items throughout your pet’s living space to encourage regular enrichment via exploration.

Rotate items regularly for enriching exploration

Every explorer relishes new challenges. Rotate new items regularly to keep your little explorer engaged and at the top of his mental and physical game.

Create interesting spatial challenges each day

Sometimes, creating fun and new challenges is as simple as rearranging your existing environment. Move your pet’s chews, play centers, and structures around each day to present new, interesting spatial challenges to your pet.

Make sure your pet has ample space to roam and explore

Habitats provide a great place for rest and relaxation, but every pet should have ample time outside the habitat each day. The more space you can dedicate to your pet’s daily adventures, the better. Just make sure to pet-proof any area where your pet might explore.

Quick Tip: All Enriched Life Play Centers are customizable with replaceable natural toys. Change out these toys regularly to present your pet with new and interesting challenges each day!

Three Quick and Easy Steps for Providing an Enriched Life for Your Pet:

  1. Support their instinctual behaviors in fun and challenging ways. Outfit habitat and play areas with natural chews, toys and hideouts. Rotate these items regularly to keep pets engaged with their surroundings.
  2. Build a loving bond with enriching play every day. Your pet is social by nature and loves interacting with you. Set aside time every day for active, enriching play incorporating their favorite toys and games.
  3. Keep it safe and natural. Choose enrichment items made from pet-safe materials such as woven hay, untreated wood, natural fibers (e.g. sisal), and apple sticks.

Benefits of Exploring Include:

  • Offers mental stimulation throughout the day
  • Promotes physical activity that helps prevent obesity
  • Prevents boredom-based behaviors
  • Helps build your bond with your pet

Unique Features of Enriched Life Natural Chews and Play Centers:

  • Innovatively designed to meet exploring instincts of small pets
  • Designed to encourage mental and physical enrichment
  • Wide assortment provides fun and stimulating play
  • Play Centers are customizable with replaceable toys
  • Safe, natural materials include hay, untreated wood, and natural fibers