Top 10 Toys and Accessories for Guinea Pigs

Written by Oxbow

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June 14, 2021🞄

Author: Kellie Hayden

Updated: February 14, 2024

An enriched guinea pig is a happy guinea pig! Keeping boredom at bay can be easy and affordable with a fun rotation of accessories and toys for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs have instinctual behaviors that should be met daily.

Exploring – Guinea pigs adore to explore and love discovering new things! Physical activity and mental stimulation are key in keeping your small pet healthy, happy, and active, so look for guinea pig toys that promote investigating new, safe experiences.
Playing  – Anyone who has cared for a guinea pig can attest to the fact that they love playing with their pet parents! You can bond with your pet by using interactive enrichment toys and accessories.
Chewing – Like rabbits and chinchillas, piggies have open-rooted teeth, meaning that their teeth do not stop growing as they age. Maintaining your little one’s dental health is imperative to their wellbeing. Guinea pig chew toys and accessories can help provide them with plenty of opportunities to gnaw and nibble to their heart’s content!
Hiding – Guinea pigs are prey animals and prone to stress if they don’t have access to hideaways. Strategically placing guinea pig accessories designed for hiding in their habitat and throughout your home where they play is a great way to ensure that they remain safe and happy.

Let’s take a look at our top 10 guinea pig toys and accessories to nurture your little one’s natural behaviors!

1. Natural Activity Mobile

guinea pigs playing with natural activity mobile

Great For: Playing and Chewing

The Natural Activity Mobile is a natural chew with a twist, making it a very fun toy for guinea pigs! Featuring safe to chew materials (including a well-known guinea pig favorite–corrugate!), your pet will get to experience fun textures while this mobile wobbles around as they chew on it. For additional fun, you can add species-appropriate leafy greens to this toy for a tasty foraging element.

2. Hide and Seek Mat

guinea pig with hide and seek mat

Great For: Exploring and Chewing

The Hide and Seek mat is a piggy favorite! Not only can you hide your pet’s favorite food or treats in this foraging mat, but the mat itself is made from 100% edible hay as well, providing your furry potato with a little physical enrichment and a lot of healthy fiber in the form of grass hay.

3. Timothy CLUB Tunnel

guinea pig in a timothy club tunnel

Great For: Hiding, Chewing, and Exploring

Remember how we mentioned that hiding is an important prey-based behavior that allows your guinea pig to feel more comfortable in their environment? This tunnel is a great accessory to support that behavior! Since it’s made of hay and is 100% edible, they can also take a little snack break while they’re relaxing. Talk about a win-win!

Pet Parent Tip: Ever wondered how much hay your guinea pig should be eating every day? Watch the video below and learn more at our blog.


4. Wooden Puzzler

guinea pigs playing with wooden puzzler

Great For: Exploring, Playing, and Chewing

The Wooden Puzzler can serve not only as a challenging enrichment opportunity to your pet during treat time, but can also be a new way to give your guinea pig their daily fortified food. The Wooden Puzzler is made with high-quality, natural wood and is safe for your little one to chew when they decide it’s time to gnaw on the puzzle rather than solve it.

5. Prime Cut Hay Soft and Lush (and the box!)

guinea pig in a prime cut hay soft and lush box

Great For: Exploring, Chewing, and Hiding

Piggy parents typically know that high-fiber hay is a necessary part of their small herbivore’s daily diet, but they may not yet know about Oxbow’s Prime Cut Hays. Containing the particular hay taste and texture your guinea pig likes best, the Prime Cut Hay box also becomes a giant enrichment station, made with hiding, chewing, and dangling enrichment in mind. Prime Cut Hay provides an immersive experience that helps ensure your little one maintains their mental and physical health. In addition to Soft and Lush, we offer Prime Cut Hay Hearty and Crunchy.

6. Play Post

guinea pig with a play post

Great For: Exploring, Playing, and Chewing

Our Play Post can provide hours of fun to those heavy chewers in your household! All parts of the Play post, including the base, post, and replaceable danglies, are made from safe-to-chew materials. The Color Play Dangly and Deluxe Color Play Dangly included with your Play Post are also created with food-safe colors.

7. Timothy Flowers

guinea pig in a woven hideout with timothy flowers

Great For: Playing and Chewing

Why get just one natural chew when you can get two in one pack? Featuring delicious edible flower petals, these Timothy Flowers will give your guinea pig’s habitat some colorful flair.

Pet Parent Tip: If your little one seems to love flower petals, give our Botanical Hay a try. This hay includes chamomile, clover, and other tasty flowers, adding sweet aromatics to your pet’s daily routine!

8. Apple Twig Tree

Guinea pig eating lettuce from apple twig tree

Great For: Playing and Chewing

The Apple Twig Tree provides a foraging space to place leafy greens and veggies in enriching ways, but that’s not all it’s good for! The removable apple twigs also provide tons of entertainment for your little one to fling and chew. For extra fun, use one of the apple twigs to bond with your pet by dragging it across the ground in front of them. It depends on the individual’s personality, but some piggies find this especially silly and will start popcorning and zooming in response!

9. Lettuce Forage Mat

guinea pig using lettuce forage mat

Great For: Exploring and Playing

The Lettuce Forage Mat is a super soft, colorful, and welcome addition to many guinea pigs’ routines. Hide your pet’s daily fortified food or tasty treats within the lettuce “leaves” so they can use their nose to search for noms. This forage mat is made with machine-washable fleece, providing maximum comfort in case your pet decides to take a snooze rather than forage (did you know guinea pigs love to use things as pillows?).

10. Natural Dangly Party Pack

guinea pig with natural dangly party pack

Great For: Chewing and Playing

If your guinea pig is a huge fan of natural textures and loves to interact with the tactile elements of their environment, look no further than our Natural Dangly Party Pack. This assortment of natural chews contains loads of natural woods and fibers that are safe for guinea pigs to chew on. You can attach this enrichment to the side or top of your little one’s enclosure for a novel way to provide a natural chew in their enclosure.

Learn about More Enrichment Opportunities

Enrichment options abound for your guinea pig beyond these ten toys and accessories! Take a look at our Enriched Life products for more.

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