Top 10 Toys and Accessories for Chinchillas!

Written by Oxbow

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August 5, 2021🞄

Chinchillas are not only fluffy and adorable, but they are also intelligent animals that need physical and mental stimulation throughout their day. Chinchillas have four instinctual behaviors that need to be met to help keep them healthy, happy, and active.

  • Exploring – Chinchillas are the Sherlock Holmes of the animal kingdom! These curious little fluffs love to check out their surroundings and discover new things.
  • Playing – Anyone who has ever parented a chinchilla knows that these cute creatures are always on the go and love interaction!
  • Chewing – Since chinchillas have open-rooted teeth that never stop growing, it’s important that they have an abundance of opportunities to naturally wear down their teeth. Providing healthy chew options that are made of 100% pet-safe materials is key in maintaining your little one’s dental health.
  • Hiding – As a prey species, chinchillas need hideouts where they can rest, relax, and re-charge. To keep your little feeling safe and stress-free, we recommend placing hideouts in their habitat and in the places within your home where they play they can quickly and easily access when needed.

Here are 10 toys and accessories to help meet your chinchilla’s instinctual needs!

1. Timothy Bungalow – Large

Perfect For: Hiding

The Timothy Bungalow is made of 100% Timothy hay (with no chemicals, wires, or thread) and it’s 100% edible. We imagine hanging out in this hideaway is something like the Hansel and Gretel fairytale where the kids get to live in a house made of delectable treats – sans scary witch, of course!

2. Orange Timothy Carrot

Perfect For: Chewing and Playing

High-fiber Timothy Hay and yummy carrots? Now you’re speaking your chin’s language! The Orange Timothy Carrot will give your little one all the noms they need to keep their teeth in check while also making their GI tract happy. It’s a win/win for you and your pet!

3. Chinchilla Accessory Pack

Are you a first-time chinchilla owner? Or do you need to replace a few of your items all in one go? The Chinchilla Accessory Pack offers a metal hay feeder, chew-proof water bottle, and non-tip food dish. And the dust bath… did we mention the dust bath? It’s shaped like an actual bathtub and its cuteness knows no bounds.

4. Hide Box Hangar

Perfect For: Exploring, Chewing, and Playing

Want to challenge your chinchilla a little bit for a fun reward? Attach the Hide Box Hangar to your little one’s habitat, hide a treat in one of the boxes, and watch your chinchilla have the time of their life as they try to find and eat the treat!

5. Celebration Pom Pom

Perfect For: Chewing and Playing

2, 4, 6, 8, who do we think is adorable and great? Your chin! Whether it’s their birthday, their Gotcha Day, or maybe you just want to show your little one that you’re thinking of them, the Pom Pom is a great chew! PS. It features food-safe colors.

6. Wood Disk Dangler

Perfect For: Playing and Chewing

Placing enriching items vertically in their habitat will help to keep your chinny physically stimulated as they reach and manipulate the chew to grab a quick chomp! Be prepared to be in awe of your pet’s dexterity as they engage with this five-tiered chew.

7. Hide ‘n Wobble

Perfect For: Exploring, Chewing, and Playing

Looking for a way to hide treats without hanging the item? The Hide ’n Wobble is a perfect option! Your chinchilla will love using their cute little mitts to play with and try to open the egg-shaped box to find a delectable treat or food within!

8. Hanging Bulrush Bunches

Perfect For: Playing and Chewing

Another great option for vertical interaction, Hanging Bulrush Bunches are for additional visual and tactile enrichment, not to mention dental wear! The coarse material will do wonders for your pet’s teeth.

9. Woven Hideout – Medium

Perfect For: Hiding

Who doesn’t want their own little woven hut to hang out in? Bonus? It’s washable and super durable for long-term use!

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