Which Supplement is Best? Papaya, Digestive, or Both?

Written by Oxbow

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May 31, 2018🞄

Author: Dr. Cayla Iske, PhD

Updated: April 9, 2024


Pet parents often ask which digestive supplement is right for their pet.  Digestive Support? Papaya Support? Both? The reality is that both Natural Science Digestive Support and Papaya Support can work together to synergistically support digestive health in rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small pets.

Some pet parents may find that one of these supplements provides the right amount of support for their pet, while others may find that offering both products simultaneously provides an ideal level of digestive support.

Both Papaya Support and Digestive Support are designed to aid in the process of digestion and promote digestive tract function and health via natural ingredients, but how they accomplish this is different. Let’s take a look at the details below. 

Natural Science Digestive Support and Papaya Support Comparison


How is Papaya Support Different from Digestive Support?

In short, Digestive Support utilizes plant-based herbal ingredients, while Papaya Support utilizes active plant-based enzymes which help break down proteins.

Natural Science Digestive Support is custom formulated for pets with GI sensitivity, infection, or a history of gastric problems. Key ingredients include chicory root, ginger root, and fenugreek seed.

Natural Science Papaya Support, on the other hand, promotes overall digestive health in small animals with the aid of ingredients such as papaya, pineapple, papain, bromelain, and timothy grass hay.

Papaya Support is highly palatable and a good option for pets struggling with GI issues and sensitivity to hair intake, as the proteolytic action of papain and bromelain help break up accumulations of hair and other materials within the GI tract. 

Papaya Support looks different from our other hay-based supplements because the different physical format helps protect important active enzymes.

If your pet is experiencing any GI issues, they should be promptly be seen by an exotics veterinarian. Many GI issues should be considered an emergency and require professional care to correct.

How does Papaya Help with Digestion?

Papaya contains papain, which is an enzyme that aids in the digestion process by breaking down proteins. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal system. 


Rabbit eating Natural Science Papaya Support

How do I Choose Between Papaya or Digestive Support?

Natural Science Digestive Support and Papaya Support can work synergistically to support the digestive health of small pets when fed according to directions. With the input of your veterinarian, both Papaya and Digestive Support should be considered for your pet with digestive concerns.

Every animal and clinical situation is unique, and you may discover that Papaya or Digestive Support works better for your little one, while other pet parents may find that offering both supplements at the same time is ideal for their pet. The choice between these supplements should be dictated by your animal’s specific needs and with your veterinarian’s input.

It’s important for all pet parents to remember that no supplement is intended as a cure or stand-alone treatment for any specific illness or disease. Always consult your veterinarian before adding supplements to your pet’s diet, and always follow the specific directions of each supplement.


Happy Digestive Health to all of our furry friends!