Introducing The 2018 Oxbow Scholarship Winners!

Written by Oxbow

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May 2, 2018🞄

Oxbow’s Academic Scholarships award annual financial support to five outstanding students pursuing education in the exotic and companion animal veterinary fields.

Oxbow scholarship winners are chosen for interest and involvement in the field of exotic animal health, excellence in the areas of academic achievement, and expression of future career goals and interests.

This year’s scholarship winners are:

• Carin Mellick – Ponca Public Schools (Ponca, NE)
Nebraska High School Scholarship

• Ellie Purpura – University of California, Davis (Davis, CA)
Undergraduate Academic Scholarship

• Alicia Blose – Jefferson College (Hillsboro, MO)
Veterinary Technology Academic Scholarship

• Annabelle Hernandez – Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI)
Veterinary Technology Academic Scholarship

• Brittany Wolfe – Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine (Blacksburg, VA)
Veterinary Medicine Academic Scholarship

“The Oxbow family is passionate about supporting the future of exotic animal health,” said Melissa Ross, Oxbow’s Vice President of Marketing, Education and Innovation. “One of the most important ways that we support this future is through our annual academic scholarships. The 2018 Oxbow Academic Scholarship recipients represent a very bright future for exotic health, medicine and care. We are proud to support these students as they work toward becoming tomorrow’s leaders in exotic animal health.”

“I truly can’t thank you enough for this scholarship,” said Brittany Wolfe, recipient of the 2018 Oxbow Veterinary Medicine Scholarship. “It means so much to me, especially after the recent loss of my pet rat. She was the inspiration for my essay because she showed me the true struggle so many of us face in exotic animal medicine. Because of her I want to improve evidence and research for veterinarians trying to help our exotic species. I see a bright future for all species as veterinarians together continue to learn, discover, and inspire.”

“Being chosen as a 2018 recipient for the Veterinary Technology Academic Scholarship has been a true blessing,” said Annabelle Hernadez. “With your support, I am able to advance my education in this profession and continue learning what I love most without having to be concerned regarding the cost of paying for school. I will represent the Oxbow Scholarship Program with high honor and properly educate the public about animal health to help create a better future for our loyal companions. Thank you for awarding me with this opportunity! Go green!”

“I am honored to receive the 2018 Nebraska High School Scholarship from Oxbow Animal Health,” said Carin Mellick, recipient of the 2018 Nebraska High School scholarship. “Thanks to your generous support I am the first in my family to attend college. I begin my undergraduate career as a freshman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this fall and can already report that my academics are off to a first-rate start. Thank you, Oxbow, for supporting my higher education.”

“All I’ve ever wanted to do is advocate for animals without a voice, and this scholarship means I’m better equipped to do that,” said Ellie Purpura, 2018 Oxbow Undergraduate Scholarship recipient. “Put simply, Oxbow is helping me to help them, and I am eternally grateful for your support.”