Introducing Essentials Ferret Food!

Written by Oxbow

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June 9, 2022🞄

For more than three decades, we’ve been steadfastly committed to supporting the unique nutrition and wellness needs of a menagerie of small animal species who take residence in your homes and hearts.  We take great pride in partnering with leading experts – from leading exotics veterinarians to expert nutritionists – to create quality nutrition that meets the specific nutritional needs of the furry family members of homes all over the world.  Today, we are excited to share that we’ve extended that commitment to a new species with the introduction of Essentials Ferret Food.

Get to Know Essentials Ferret Food

We enlisted the guidance of leading ferret veterinarians and expert nutritionists to help formulate Essentials Ferret with high-quality animal proteins for energy and muscle mass while purposefully excluding unnecessary ingredients like corn, peas, and potatoes. The result is a scrumptious, species-appropriate food that ferret lovers can feel good about offering to their beloved little carnivores!

Essentials Ferret Food makes an ideal foundation for the daily nutrition of ferrets of all ages.  New to ferrets?  We invite you to learn more about how to provide a complete picture of ferret nutrition!

Key Features of Essentials Ferret Food:

  • Contains a minimum of 40% protein & 20% fat
  • The first 5 ingredients are animal-based proteins and fats for body condition
  • No corn, peas, or potatoes to limit starch consumption
  • Includes Omega fatty acids for heart, skin, and coat health
  • Contains 100% of a ferret’s daily recommended vitamins and minerals

Learn More About Essentials Ferret Food

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The right nutrition is absolutely essential to the health and wellbeing of ferrets, but there’s more to providing the total picture of health and happiness for your wondrous weasel.  We are proud to provide a variety of habitat, care, and enrichment essentials to help you make sure your ferret is living the happiest, healthiest life possible!

Pure, Comfortable Bedding Fit for the Most Fabulous Ferret

Our pure, never-printed Pure Comfort bedding makes the perfect substrate for ferrets.  In addition to being highly moisture and odor absorbent, Pure Comfort is 99.9% dust free and super soft and comfy for the health and happiness of your ferret.

Enrichment for Your Favorite Ferret’s Play, Rest, & Exploration Needs

As curious, highly active animals, ferrets need regular opportunities for enrichment to be at their happiest and healthiest.  We are proud to offer a variety of enrichment items to support the instincts of your little loved one.

Looking for great ways to support your ferret’s instincts to play and explore?  The following innovative enrichment items are great for ferrets:

We know your ferret’s daily routine isn’t all fun and games.  It’s about snoozing as well!  Knowing that ferrets are super sleepers, we proudly offer a variety of quality items to support all of your pet’s rest and relaxation needs:

We encourage you to learn more about ferret enrichment and why it’s so important.  And, while you’re reading, be sure to learn more about our top 10 toys and accessories for ferrets!