All About Hiding

Written by Oxbow

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August 21, 2019🞄

Have you ever noticed your small pet looking for a place to hide during the day? Don’t be offended! Your pet is simply acting on a very basic and important survival instinct. In the wild, rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas are prey animals and finding places to hide is essential to survival. Even in the safe confines of your home, it’s essential to provide places for your pet to hide away from environmental stressors.

Offer multiple “getaways” for your pet

Your pet will appreciate options and when it comes time to rest and relax. Oxbow Enriched Life habitats come with a handy, built-in hide space where pets love spending time. For an additional option, include a Timothy CLUB Bungalow in your pet’s habitat or play area.

Encourage your pet to interact in these places

Your pet will interact instinctively with the hide spaces in their habitat, but you can show your support by outfitting these spaces to maximize comfort and enrichment. Fill your pet’s hide spaces with hay and natural chews to encourage them to interact in these places throughout the day.

Respect your pet’s desire for alone time

We all want to interact with our pets as much as possible, but it’s important to respect their instinctual behavior to hide. Avoid the temptation to disrupt your pet when they are hiding. This can lead to stress and anxiety and have a negative effect on your bond with your pet.

Need a quick hideaway? Just add hay!

Even with multiple hiding options, your pet will sometimes prefer to simply burrow in plain sight. To support this behavior, include ample amounts of loose hay in your pet’s habitat and enjoy watching them dig and burrow!

Make sure to accommodate everybody

If your’s is a multiple pet household, be sure to have hiding spaces available for all of your animals. While they might snuggle up at certain times, there will be times when pets want to hide alone.

Quick Tip:

Fill your pet’s hide spaces with large amounts of hay, their favorite chew toys, and even a few hidden, healthy treats. Your pet will love munching on these various items while hiding away.

Timothy CLUB Bungalow: The Amazing, Edible Hideout Every Pet Should Have

The Timothy CLUB Bungalow makes the perfect addition to every small pet’s habitat. In addition to providing more choices when it comes to rest and relaxation, every Timothy CLUB is hand-woven from premium Timothy hay. Rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals love nibbling away on this 100% edible bungalow as they escape any environmental stressors they might otherwise experience.

Unique Features of Enriched Life Habitats

  • Innovative, behavior-based designs
  • Built-in hide space, platform, and ramp for rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Built-in wheel and tunnel for hamsters
  • Easy to take apart for quick cleaning
  • Crystal clear water bottle and food bowl included