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Your hungry herbivore needs ample amounts of fresh, quality grass hay every day to be happy and healthy! In fact, 70% of your pet’s diet should be made up of fresh, natural hay. This is because grass hay – like Timothy, Orchard, Oat and Alfalfa – provides the fiber that is so critical to the daily digestive and dental health of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small herbivores. Shop Oxbow’s industry-leading variety of grass hays to find the perfect choices that meet the taste and texture preferences of your little loved one. Be sure to mix and match a variety of hays to make mealtime more enriching! While you’re here, check out our library of hay-specific resources created by our nutrition, veterinary and pet care experts.

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For decades, our internal hay experts have worked hand in hand with our family of farmers to grow the highest quality small pet hay to meet the specific nutritional needs, and taste and texture preferences of even the pickiest of small pets. In the field, Oxbow’s hay experts go the “extra acre” to evaluate key quality attributes essential to the production of premium hay. These attributes include color, texture, maturity, and stem-to-leaf ratio.

Once the hay has been harvested and it’s back at Oxbow, our product quality team samples, grades, and nutritionally tests every bale of hay to make sure it’s up to the challenge of nourishing your pet. This includes 3rd party nutritional and food safety testing, and organoleptic analysis which assesses odor, flavor, appearance, and texture.

Oxbow hay is then gently combed to loosen it from the bale. Next, we carefully sort out smaller pieces, removing any natural foreign materials. Finally, we extract as much natural dust from the hay as possible & expertly sort the hay by hand for that extra personal touch. Our extensive quality assessment and control process has been developed to ensure your pet has the freshest, highest quality hay every day.

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