Oxbow’s 2021 KINDSWELL Rescue Grants Award Nearly $50,000 to Small Animals in Need

Written by Oxbow

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October 25, 2021🞄

Oxbow Animal Health has announced the recipients of its 2021 KINDSWELL Rescue Grants.  The eleven recipient organizations will receive funding and donations totaling nearly $50,000 for a variety of projects and programs that benefit the welfare of small animals throughout the United States and Canada. Grant winners are chosen for excellence in the areas of educational outreach, public awareness, and project impact. 

About Oxbow’s KINDSWELL Rescue Program

Through its KINDSWELL Rescue Program and Rescue Grants, Oxbow helps organizations that rescue, rehabilitate, and home small animals.  Some of the many forms of assistance include emergency and disaster relief, free and discounted product donations, and sponsorship of education, capital improvements and operating expenses to support rescues on a limited budget.  
The 2021 Oxbow KINDSWELL Rescue Grant Recipients are: 

  • Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue | Finksburg, MD 
  • Orlando Rabbit Care and Adoptions, Inc. | Longwood, FL 
  • Save-A-Bun Rabbit Rescue | Nampa, ID 
  • Small Mammal Shelter at the U. of Montreal | Montreal, QC 
  • Think Wild | Bend, OR 
  • Chattahoochee Nature Center | Rosewell, GA 
  • Foothills Animal Shelter | Golden, CO 
  • Hop On Home Rabbit Sanctuary Inc. | Ganesvoort, NY 
  • Kansas Humane Society | Wichita, KS 
  • Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital | Palm City, FL 
  • Second Chances Animal Services, Inc. | East Brookfield, MA 

“With sincere gratitude, Oxbow is providing much needed support to the small animal rescue and wildlife rehabilitation communities through our KINDSWELL Rescue Grant Program,” said Deb Buhro, Oxbow’s CEO.  “Through KINDSWELL, we strive to make a positive difference that ripples outward and onward, and we can’t think of a community that makes a positive difference with greater passion, energy and focus than small animal rescues.  It is our privilege to support the work of these amazing people.” 

Hop On Home Rabbit Sanctuary Inc. | Ganesvoort, NY 

“We are beyond excited to receive a grant that will help fund a land and sky, predator free environment for sanctuary rabbits in our socialization yard,” said Shelby Wimet-Himelrick, President.  “Our socialization yard will allow bunnies to freely hop around in a safe environment as well as provide space for potential adopters to meet adoptable bunnies!” 

Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue | Finksburg, MD 

“MGPR is so pleased to have received this grant. It has value far beyond its monetary worth,” said Becky Wilson, Director at MGPR.  “The past 18 months have been very difficult to navigate for our rescue, but we managed to reinvent ourselves in record time to adapt and continue helping as many guinea pigs as we could. This grant feels like a “well done” by our community and we are so grateful for that. This grant will allow us to continue to offer our guinea pigs the very best nutrition, and veterinary care available.” 

Second Chance Animal Services, Inc. | East Brookfield, MA

“We are so excited, and honored, to receive an Oxbow Animal Health Rescue Grant for our new small animal area,” said Sheryl Blancato, Founder & CEO of Second Chance Animal Services.  “This will be instrumental in our ability to now be able to take in small pets for adoption. We have been limited on this until now. This will mean more lives that we are able to save!”

The Small Mammal Shelter at the University of Montreal | Montreal, QC 

“The Small Mammal Shelter of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Université de Montréal is thrilled to have been selected as 2021 Oxbow Grant Winner,” said Dr. Isabelle Langlois, on behalf of the team of staff and student leaders and volunteers at the shelter.  “With this amazing contribution, we will be able to take in more small mammals with special needs or those who cannot be cared for in other shelters. The clinical experience and teaching of our undergraduate and graduate students will be enhanced, an undeniable asset for them and the entire veterinary community.” 

Treasure Coast Wildlife Center | Palm City, FL 

“Treasure Coast Wildlife Center is honored to be selected as a recipient of the Oxbow Animal Health Grants for 2021,” said Jodi Riley, Development Director.  “Our bird of prey weathering yard is in desperate need of updating to a hurricane category 3 rating for the safety of our birds and we are so thankful that we now have the ability to make it happen! We rescue over 800 native Florida birds of prey each year and with the help of Oxbow, we can give them the best chance at recovery!”     

Save-A-Bun Rabbit Rescue | Nampa, ID 

“We’re blown away to receive this generous grant from Oxbow,” said Sophia Uhlenhoff, Vice President at Save-A-Bun.  “We’ll be using the funding to purchase Critical Care and rabbit pellets for our sweet bunnies. This could not have come at a better time as we’re trying to rescue 600 feral-domestic bunnies running loose in Boise and will need lots and lots of food for them.” 

Orlando Rabbit Care and Adoptions, Inc. | Longwood, FL 

“Orlando Rabbit Care & Adoptions is thrilled to receive the grant from Oxbow Animal Health,” said Kathy Harter, President.  “This grant came at the perfect time as it will help to cover the costs related to vaccinating our foster rabbits against RHDV2.  We LOVE all Oxbow products and the items will be shared with our foster families, who normally pay for their own supplies while caring for our bunnies.  Thank you, Oxbow!”  

Think Wild | Bend, OR 

“Think Wild is excited to be a recipient of an Oxbow Animal Health Rescue Award,” said Sally Compton, Executive Director.  “We will use the funds to buy formula and Critical Care for the injured and orphaned wildlife that we care for, which will help us get them healthy and back to the wild where they belong!” 

Chattahoochee Nature Center | Rosewell, GA 

We are honored and thrilled to be selected for one of the 2021 Oxbow Animal Health Rescue Grants,” said Kathryn Dudeck, Wildlife Director.  “Chattahoochee Nature Center’s Wildlife Department receives more than 300 injured birds of prey annually.  This grant will allow us to more effectively and efficiently begin the rehabilitation process for these animals.” 

Kansas Humane Society | Wichita, KS  

“The Kansas Humane Society (KHS) is beyond grateful to receive this generous funding from the Oxbow Rescue Grant,” said Haleigh Orand, Chief Development Officer.  “These funds will support renovations for our small mammal housing area at the shelter, which has been in desperate need of repair and renovation, directly impacting nearly 500 small mammals and birds that find themselves needing a second chance at our shelter each year. KHS is extremely honored to be included and considered in this support, we look forward to building this partnership for years to come.” 

Foothills Animal Shelter | Golden, CO  

“We are so incredibly grateful for the support of Oxbow Animal Health in the construction of our new small animal space,” said Kendall Eckman, Development Coordinator at Foothills Animal Shelter.  “We are very excited to fill the area with species-specific items such as kennels, toys, chews, enrichment, and more to ensure our small animals have the best stay possible!”