Oxbow Animal Health: Covid-19 Update

Written by Oxbow

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March 24, 2020🞄

Dear Pet Parent,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. On behalf of the entire Oxbow family, I want to share heartfelt support as you navigate the uncertainty and stress brought on by the coronavirus. As a loving pet parent, you may be wondering how the pandemic will affect your ability to purchase the food and other products your pet needs. That’s why I want to update you on the things Oxbow is doing to manage through this challenge.

At Oxbow, our purpose is to help pets and people lead healthy, happy lives. I can assure you we have never felt more dedicated to this purpose. As of today, we are still open for business. We continue to package and ship Oxbow products, and our Customer Care team is available to answer your questions. At the same time, we are working hard to protect the health and safety of our employees and their families. This is a balancing act we take very seriously.

To protect Oxbow employees, we are heeding the advice and directives from the CDC and other public authorities.

We are enhancing companywide sanitation procedures, educating all employees, updating work processes, and providing comprehensive support for employees facing disruptions to their personal and professional lives. Some jobs are now being performed from employees’ homes, forcing us to re-think the flow of information and work. With every change, we look for ways to prevent disruption to customers.

As our leaders closely monitor the evolving pandemic, we’re expecting Oxbow’s operations will need to adapt to changing circumstances. We will keep you informed of changes that could impact you. While we all face this uncertainty together, Oxbow is committed to doing everything in our power to take care of you and your pets.

Some customers have reached out with questions regarding how to best care for their pets during this difficult time. We encourage you to read this article written by Dr. Micah Kohles, our Vice President of Technical Services & Research, regarding what you can do to support your pets in the face of COVID-19.

For more than 30 years, it has been our honor to serve the needs of you and your furry family members.  The entire Oxbow family appreciates your support in these uncertain times.

Good health and happiness to you and your pets,

Deb Buhro, CEO
Oxbow Animal Health