DIY Agility Jumps

Written by Oxbow

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October 12, 2020🞄

Ready for a super fun and enriching DIY project that will get your rabbit, guinea pig, or other small pet moving? With some simple, easy to find materials, you can create these fun and enriching DIY Agility Jumps!


  • 1 Enriched Life Apple Stick Bundle
  • 8 toilet paper tubes (or 4 paper towel roll tubes cut in half)
  • Scissors
  • Your pet’s favorite hay (Hay Blends-Timothy and Orchard is used in this video)


  1. Using scissors, carefully create a small puncture in one of the cardboard tubes.
  2. Estimate the placement of a second puncture in the cardboard tube. It should be straight across from the first puncture on the other side of the tube.
  3. Create the second puncture.
  4. On a second cardboard tube, repeat steps 1-3. The punctures on this tube should be placed at the same height as the first tube.
  5. Remove a twig from your Enriched Life Apple Stick Bundle.
  6. On each end of the twig, attach the tubes using the punctures you created. This should result in a single-bar agility jump.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 with two more sets of cardboard tubes, creating different heights. At the end of this step you should have a one high, one medium, and one low agility jump for a total of 3 jumps.
  8. Using your final set of cardboard tubes, create two punctures per cardboard tube. Each puncture should be on the inside wall of the jump and line up with each other.
  9. Add a twig to one set of punctures so the stick is sitting at an angle, rather than straight across.
  10. Looking at the twig, mentally mark where the end of the apple stick hits the outside of the cardboard tube. After removing the twig from the tube, make a puncture in this spot. Replace the twig so it goes all the way through the cardboard tube’s punctures.
  11. Flip your jump around and repeat step 10, so your first twig is allotted a total of 4 punctures (2 per each cardboard tube).
  12. Remove the twig and repeat steps 9 and 10 so you can add a second diagonal twig to your jump. The end result should be a sturdy cross jump.
  13. Add a small amount of hay to the top of each cardboard tube to add some flair to your jumps!
  14. Using a distraction-free area in your home, set up the lowest jump. Your pet will not understand what the jump is for at first. Using a small handful of pellets or your pet’s favorite treat, lead them slowly over the lowest jump. When they seem to have this down, replace the low jump with the medium jump. Work your way up until they can accomplish the challenging high jump and cross jump. Make sure to not overfeed your pet while training them.
  15. When your pet is ready, set up all the jumps and practice with your pet to become agility course stars!

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