Oxbow Unveils New Logo and New Look Hay Packaging

Written by Oxbow

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March 17, 2015🞄

Murdock, NE, March 16, 2015 — Oxbow Animal Health has unveiled a new company logo and new packaging for its complete line of premium hays. The new packaging, first revealed at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida in early March, will begin entering the market mid-year.

New Oxbow Logo

The new Oxbow logo connects the company’s rich history with its continued growth, evolution, and vision for the future of small animal nutrition and care.  Longtime customers of Oxbow will appreciate shared elements between previous logo and new. The new logo retains farm scene elements while depicting a richer, more sprawling landscape. It also incorporates a modified color palette and elements, including a blue sky and multiple shades of green, creating a rolling hay field.

New Hay Packaging

Oxbow’s new hay packaging has received a complete makeover, which includes an improved shape and functionality, essential product and nutrition information to help educate consumers, and attractive artwork and graphics that convey family farm quality and care.  The new packaging look reflects the premium nature of the hay in the bag.  “We are excited to unveil a fresh new look for both our logo and hay packaging,” said Melissa Ross, Director of Marketing and Education at Oxbow.  “For over twenty years, pet parents worldwide have trusted Oxbow to provide premium hay for their companions.  Our new packaging matches the quality of the premium product it contains.  Similarly, our new logo connects our rich history with our growth and vision for the future – a vision that includes broadened horizons and an ongoing commitment to innovation in the field of exotic animal health.”

Highlights of Oxbow’s new hay packaging:

  • New Oxbow logo reflecting the company’s growth and evolution
  • Resealable zipper adds convenience for the pet caregiver
  • Strategically-placed windows minimize fading from fluorescent light while displaying the high-quality product inside
  • Stand-up pouch improves merchandizing capability and on-shelf display
  • Imagery and graphics convey premium, family-farm quality and care
  • Essential information about the health and enrichment benefits of hay
  • “The Oxbow Way” statement differentiates Oxbow hay from others on the shelf
  • Lot and expiration date are printed clearly on bag for improved traceability and inventory tracking