Oxbow Animal Health Introduces Enriched Life For Essential Daily Enrichment

Written by Oxbow

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March 25, 2019🞄

Oxbow Animal Health has announced the introduction of Enriched Life – a new line of natural chews, play centers, habitats, and care items to meet the essential enrichment needs of small animals. Designed to support the instinctual behaviors of small pets, Enriched Life contains a wide range of natural items to help pet parents keep enrichment fun and stimulating while supporting natural instincts to play, chew, hide, and explore. “Small animals are intelligent and active by nature,” said Dr. Micah Kohles, Oxbow’s Vice President of Technical Services and Research. “Just like the right nutrition, daily opportunities for enrichment are essential to the health and happiness of these species. The Enriched Life line is designed to help pet parents support instinctual behaviors of their pets in safe, fun, and enriching ways every day.”

The anticipated launch date for Enriched Life is April 1, 2019. Learn more at www.enrich.pet.

Unique features of Enriched Life include:

  • Innovative designs support instinctual behaviors, including: playing, chewing, exploring, and hiding
  • Natural chews are made with untreated wood, hay, natural fibers, and vegetable-based dyes
  • Engaging, customizable play centers add visual and tactile enrichment to daily routine
  • Innovative habitats are designed with behavior-inspired features and space to explore
  • Premium care items help innovatively support essential daily health and wellness needs

Enriched Life is designed to support instinctual behaviors of small pets. These behaviors include:

  • Playing – Small pets are social and playful by nature, and providing safe and enriching play items helps build the bond between pet and pet parent. Enriched Life accessories come in a wide variety of options to support pets’ play instincts.
  • Chewing – Regular chewing is instinctual and benefits both mind and body. Enriched Life accessories are made with a variety of beneficial, safe-to-chew materials, including hay, apple sticks, untreated wood, and natural fibers.
  • Exploring – Small pets are naturally inquisitive and want to explore their surroundings. By providing enriching play items that engage multiple natural behaviors, Enriched Life supports small pets’ curiosity.
  • Hiding – Small pets are prey species with natural instincts to hide to avoid stress and danger. Even in captivity, small pets require places to hide for rest and relaxation. Enriched Life habitats feature convenient, built in hide spaces for pets.

About Oxbow Animal Health
Oxbow Animal Health is a worldwide leader in providing premium nutrition and care products for small exotic animals. Used and recommended by top exotic animal veterinarians worldwide, Oxbow offers an extensive line of farm fresh hays, nourishing foods, enriching accessories, and essential care items for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, mice, and adult pet rats. Oxbow’s mission is to provide superior-quality nutrition, care, and support for small exotic animals worldwide. Oxbow accomplishes this through genuine concern for animals and their caregivers, educational awareness of nutritional needs, a high standard of product excellence, research and development of meaningful innovations, and highly personalized service.